Common, But Not Normal (Part 2: Fast Solutions)

As we chatted last week I wanted to also offer you some solutions.  Solutions that would be easy for you to implement – especially if you have a busy life with kids and maybe you commute to and from work everyday.

We discussed three things that are “common, but not normal”.

  1. Arthritis – solution more movement
  2. Osteoporosis – solution movement in gravity (weight bearing)
  3. Headaches – consider that it’s actually a late stage warning sign, let’s find out what may be the cause?

There you have it – all three with relatively simple solutions.  Now, I’d also like to share with you that the proper structure/function of the spine and nerve system plays a role (factor) in all three of these things – but we’ll get to that later.  Right now – let’s find a simple place to start

Arthritis – Remember, movement is like nourishment to your body (and brain).  The old saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” – represents this one well.  Joint in your body allow for movement and if they don’t regularly move then you’ll begin to ‘seize up’.

Your body is intelligent and tries to protect itself by laying down more bone and changing the shape of the joint.  This often leads to more discomfort and ache.

Imagine that by using the joint regularly you are actually helping to nourish it and keep it healthy.

Some ideas just to get you started.  Walk more, squat more, join a gym with a good coach.

Osteoporosis – Lack of stimulation is a major reason for low bone bone mass (osteopenia).  This means that your bones have to have a weight loaded (stimulus) on to them to act as a signal to say “hey – I need you – don’t forget about me”.  This means we could eat alot of calcium and still end up with a problem.

What would I recommend?  First of all recognize that swimming is great but it’s outside of gravity.  This means it will not be enough stimulus to help maintain your bone mass.  Activities such as regular walking and strength training are key.  It can be as simple as getting yourself a pair of dumbbells or a Kettlebell and spending just 10-20 minutes a few times a week with the weights.

Some neat ideas?  Join an online community if you don’t want to start at a gym, get a small group of friends together and/or hire a coach.

Headaches – Start by making a list and recognizing what’s happening in your life and what you are consuming.  Write down:

  • what your activities are prior to a headache
  • what your food was like that day
  • what your hydration and caffeine levels were like prior to headaches
  • what your sleep and stress levels are

After ruling out an emergency situation (visit a health professional to be checked for this)… I would start with hydration, blood sugar (food) and rest.

Work on staying properly hydrated throughout the day, eating real food and going to bed at a regular time.  Aim for a bed time on the weekend that is within 30 minutes of the same time you go to bed during the week (keep things consistent).

Actually commit to these solutions if you are struggling and give them a few weeks – months to actually notice a more permanent lifestyle change and improvement.

Stay tuned for next week where discuss a very important factor that most overlook – the structure and function of the spine & nerve system.  And why it may be something that is holding you back in all the above “Common, but not normal”

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