5 Daily Tips for Less Pain (& Good Spinal Health)

Everyday we sit down to dinner – do our best to ensure everyone eats their vegetables because they’re good for us.  [Even though my youngest daughter thinks ketchup is a ‘food group’].

Then we bathe our kids and get them ready for bed.  Somewhere in there we brush our teeth and wash our faces.

These things we do our best to do regularly to help maintain our health and our oral health.

So, what are the regular things we can do to help remain pain free and maintain our spinal health (function)?  After all, your spine protects your nervous system that controls your whole body.  This is a very important system.

1 – Simply move more.  I know this sounds simple but one thing you can do is set your phone/watch timer to go off every 1/2 hour.  Break up the negative effects of sitting.

[Do you know what happens when you sit for extended periods of time?]  Help undo some of the discomfort and declines in function by standing up more often.


2 – Your mid-section.  My kids watch my wife and I do wall walks at the CrossFit gym – so they try to do the exact same thing here at home (and multitask too apparently on the tablet).


Movements like this (see below) engage your core and force you to keep it stiff and rigid.  Something you can do on you own?  Breath while in the plank position.  Start from the knees if you need to make things easier, progress to your feet, and focus on taking deep breaths.Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.59.45 PM


3 – Put your hips and shoulders through a range of motion regularly.  If your hips and shoulders don’t move properly you may end up moving poorly in your spine too.

Here’s something you can do right now to activate and move the shoulders.



Use this position to help keep your hips looser.  Use a soft surface like a couch or bed.  Keep your spine tall and lean forward, bending at the hip.

4 – Hang out more in the squat position with your elbows between your knees.  Good hips and a strong core are essential to maintain good health.  Although you may not be able to sit right at the bottom of this position it’s important to work your way up to something similar to this position.  If you can’t do the full squat… work towards mobilizing your hip in another position (see the picture below on the right for the alternative).



5 – Measure progress.  One of the most important things you can do to keep yourself inspired is to track progress.  Much like you’d have your teeth periodically checked and monitored it’s a good idea to monitor your spinal health.

When it comes to your health – there’s some things you may “feel” but many more you may have no idea about.  That’s exactly why you’d want to test.

Proper structure and function of your spine and nerve system (which controls your body) can be measured by a Neuro-Structural Chiropractor.  Objective tests help to monitor motion in your spine as well as changes in your spine and nerve system function.


Combine these 5 things on a regular basis to help improve and monitor your spinal health.

Improving your quality of life and often decreasing your pain level for a better day!

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