Intermittent Fasting – Interview with Brad Pilon (Author of Eat Stop Eat) ep. 042

Last week we got to connect with Brad Pilon – Author of Eat Stop Eat. (Watch Full Interview Here) ep. 042

We a had a great time chatting and I wanted to share with you some of the key things that came up.

  • Your first (few) fasts will help you learn more about WHY you want food and the (emotional) cues that go along with that.
  • Why having some objective tests beyond the scale is important to have positive reinforcement.  Remember the scale is just your relationship with gravity.  Some of the other tests he liked: take a tape measure and measure your shoulders, waist, and hips.  For example: if you are a man and your waist is expanding it’s time to evaluate your nutrition/exercise plan.
  • Diets can often reinforce stress and set you up for failure.  Because when you blow your diet, typically, you spend time eating poorly afterwaScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.31.51 PMrds and “giving” up on the inside.
  • The idea of fasting breaks up your nutrition plan into mini-cycles.  For example: fast period xyz, eat good for 2-3 days, fast again.  You can experience success for that 2-3 day eating period and get POSITIVE feedback for success.
  • If you decide to start fasting integrate your sleep time into the time you fast.  (i.e. 8 hours of sleep is 8 hours counted towards your fast)
  • “we’ve had our turn” – Brad simply says we have all had our opportunity as kids to eat more or less what we wanted.  Now it’s time to step up and give our bodies what they NEED.

There’s many more great point that came up during our interview but these were the top of mind, fun ones.  You can watch the full interview here.

Find Brad’s book – Eat Stop Eat HERE.

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